Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Working From Home

I am one of those rare people who actually like my job. I work in the entertainment industry for a company that installs and maintains projector equipment. I travel the world and meet a wide verity of interesting people. It took me a long time to earn the position I am in and the respect of the people in the industry. I work 40 or more and sometimes less per week. When I am working I make great money, but when I am not working I make nothing. I knew that I needed to do something to change this fact.

The home business industry is the perfect solution. With the internet and cell phones I can virtually work from anywhere. Working is the key though, I would not expect to just sit around and do nothing at all. To build a business from home takes time and investing in my own business. While I was sitting at my desk drinking my Caramel Macchiato I was looking for the best programs to join. I found that Strong Future International had one of the best affiliate programs available on the internet. SFI has two main things that I was lacking. First thing is the ability to earn residual income and the second being able to earn leveraged income. To become qualified for this type of income all one has to do is sell enough of the many products to earn at least 10 Sales Volume Points and do this each month. I took another sip of my Caramel Macchiato and thought to myself that maybe I could do this. I looked at one of the products and noticed that just one bottle of Liquid Nutrition would get me 10 SVP for the month, but could I sell one each month? Would I even buy this stuff? I gave it a try and the stuff is actually pretty good. It hasn't grown any of my hair back yet but it does give me the nutrition I need.

The next week I was sitting at a StarBucks looking at my e-mails drinking my Grande Caramel Macchiato when I saw one of those SFI ones. A letter from my sponsor letting me know that I should consider putting in for a Standing Order for the IAHBE membership, that I would really benefit from it. I thought, where am I, going to get extra money to spend on investing in myself. The next e-mail was another one from SFI telling me congratulation on a sale. I went to the website to see what was sold and believe it or not I had sold two bottles of PurJava. I took another sip and thought watch out StarBucks I'm in the coffee business now. I checked out what PurJava was and thought WOW this stuff really sounds good. I got a couple of bottles myself, to give it a try.

I took a look at just how much I was spending each week on my Caramel Macchiato and didn't even realize that I was spending anywhere from 25 to 30 dollars a week on coffee. I thought maybe I should cut back and give myself the business. I still indulge sometimes but now I only spend about 25 dollars and I now have 75 extra to invest in my own home business. I learned to take a look at myself and see what other things I sell that I also buy from someone else. I put in a Standing Order for the IAHBE membership and with it some Liquid Nutrition and the Weight loss drink mix. Not only does that qualify me for executive affiliate status each month but it also qualifies me for wholesale purchases and I can get 20 free leads each month. Twenty leads may not sound like a whole lot, but each one has the potential to earn me that leveraged and residual income I was learning about.

I learned that it is important to build my business and just like in my engineering job it is important to have the right tools. I found that one of the most powerful tools on the internet is having your own website. The problem with that was that I had no idea how to design and set up a top level website. I gave it a try though but soon realized that it would take me a few more years to really learn how to make a good website. I needed a domain name, hosting, lots of content, graphics, links, articles, and much more, not to mention design it all and maintain it. I learned quite a few things installing all those projectors and working with many different people around the world and one of the things was don't waste your time trying to reinvent a tool that already exist.

The Wealth Online Website, already exist. "WOW" promotes six top rated affiliate based businesses that can earn you money online. The Wealth Online Website is a fully designed and operational website that will help you build your home business. All one needs to do is get a domain name and hosting and join at least five of the six affiliate programs. That is the easy part. Kevin will do all the hard stuff for you and help you with tips on promoting your "WOW"

Remember that working from home is still work, but unlike the typical job, you have control over what you do. One of the smartest things you can do is join a group of people that want you to succeed. By joining WOW you will be apart of an incredible team of people that are succeeding in the home business environment and will show you how to be apart of that success.

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Work at Home Millionaire

I'm sure you are looking for an escape from the daily grind. Chances are you have looked into home based business ideas as your escape route, and that's where to start. Once the initial excitement has passed, I'm sure you discovered the many realities you must face. From finding the right work at home business to finding the start-up cash to figuring out how to market the product or service, it can be an overwhelming process. That's why so many give up before they even give it a chance.
Well, I didn't give up and I say neither should you. I dreamed of a better life, just like you are doing now, and I succeeded. It didn't happen overnight and it was not always easy. But it was exciting, refreshing and just plain fun to be my own boss in my own home!

I once had a traditional 9 to 5 job with a corporate salary, but mergers and acquisitions took away the security and my hopes to move up the corporate ladder. My job experiences made me determined to never let anyone control my paycheck again. I was not going to work the rest of my life for others only to make them rich.

My opportunity for home based wealth came from a company called Strong Future International, a company that markets unique and quality products that people use everyday creating residual income. Once I found this business and started working the business, I became determined to share the opportunity and products with others and help them get into business for themselves. I am currently a Team Leader and consistently make the Top 20 Seller each month. I've built a motivated team and developed a system for success, something I believe anyone can follow.

So for those looking at work at home business ventures and wanting great results, here's an opportunity to have a mentor guide you on a proven path to work at home success!

Due to Strong Future International, I have been able to watch my children grow up and have been an active part of their lives as well as provide them with opportunities we never thought we'd be able to afford. This opportunity can offer the opportunity that many parents are searching for. With a 17-year track record, a Better Business Bureau membership, great products, and an excellent compensation plan, this is the perfect opportunity for anyone.

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